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About us

We make sure that our products match your design expectations.

Jai Mata Glass Limited is one of India’s leading names in designer glass. Bringing together technology from around the world and the very latest in design, Jai Mata Glass offers a range that is stunning and great value for money. Its unmatched range makes it the preferred choice for interior designers and architects who want to offer the very best to their clients.

Jai Mata Glass Ltd. was established in 1981 by the late Shri Joginder Paul Marwah with the object of setting up a plant for manufacturing Rolled, Figured and Wired Glass, also called “Patterned/ Ornamental Glass” (referred to as “Patterned-Glass” hereinafter). Subsequently, the name of the company was changed to Jai Mata Glass Ltd. (JMGL, the company).

The company has consolidated its hold on the market for tinted and specialty glass, which is a high-value addition. It is envisaging diversifying into the area of trading “Glass and Glass Products” over time, and we expect the business to grow more, offering us many more opportunities.

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Pioneering Glass Solutions with Unmatched Quality, Scale and Speed....

At Jai Mata Glass, we aspire to achieve all-around excellence in comfort, safety, and innovation. For more than 40 years, we have been serving clients’ needs with our dynamic glass solutions.

Our holistic approach, state-of-the-art machinery, top-grade products, and timely delivery have led to our being the preferred choice of clients who hail from different industries and verticals.




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