Pursuant to notification dated 19th March 2015 issued under the Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2015 ("hereinafter, Amendment Rules, 2015")

Notice is hereby given that the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders, will be held at the Registered Office of the Company at Village Tipra, P. O. Barotiwala, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh - 174103 on Saturday , the 29th day of September , 2018 at 11.00 A.M. and in accordance with the provisions of Section 91 of the Companies Act, 2013(“the Act”) the Register of Members and Share Transfer Books of the Company shall remain closed from Monday, 24nd September 2018 to Saturday, 29th September 2018.

Members of the Company are hereby informed that the Company has completed the dispatch of Notice of its Annual General Meeting pursuant to the Provisions of Section 108 of The Companies Act, 2013 And Rule 20 Of The Companies (Management And Administration) Rules, 2014, as amended and (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, the Company Is Pleased To Provide Members Facility To Exercise Their Right To Vote At The 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) By Electronic Means And The Business May Be Transacted Through E-Voting Services Provided By Link In time India Private Limited(LIIPL).

Other Disclosures are as below:

a)     Date and time of commencement and end of remote e-voting; The shareholders’ of the Company, holding shares either in physical form or in Demat form can vote through e-Voting The voting period begins on <26th September 2018 at 9.00am> and ends on <28th September 2018 at 5.00 pm>. The e-voting module shall be disabled by LLIPL for voting thereafter.

b)     Cut-off date;  Any 6 person, who acquires shares of the Company and become Member of the Company after dispatch of the Notice and holding shares as on the cut-off date i.e. 22nd September 2018 may follow the same instructions as mentioned above for e-Voting.

c)    Manner of obtaining the login ID and password by persons who have acquired shares and become members of the company. The instructions for Login id and password have been provided in the notes to the Notice and also in the email sent to the members to enable Members to use e-voting facility.

d)    Members my please note the below mentioned facts:
•    remote e-voting shall not be allowed beyond the said date and time as detailed in Para (a) above;
•    the manner for voting by members present at the meeting shall be as detailed in Para (d) above;
•    a member may participate in the general meeting even after exercising his right to vote through remote e-voting but shall not be allowed to vote again in the meeting; and
•    a person whose name is recorded in the register of members or in the register of beneficial owners maintained by the depositories as on the cut-off date i.e. 22rd September 2018 only shall be entitled to avail the facility of remote e-voting as well as voting in the general meeting.

e)    Members may also note that the Notice of the 38th Annual General Meeting and the Annual Report for 2018 will also be available on the Company’s website for download. The physical copies of the aforesaid documents will also be available at the Company’s Registered Office for inspection during normal business hours on working days. Even after registering for e-communication, members are entitled to receive such communication in physical form, upon making a request for the same, by post free of cost. For any communication, the shareholders may also send requests to the Company’s investor email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

f)     The Chairman shall, at the AGM at the end of discussion on the resolutions on which voting is to be held, allow voting with the assistance of scrutinizer, by use of “Ballot Paper” for all those members who are present at the AGM but have not cast their votes by availing the remote e-voting facility.

g)   The Scrutinizer shall after the Conclusion of voting at the general meeting of voting count the votes cast at the meeting in the presence of atleast two witnesses not in the employment of the Company and shall not make not later than three days of the conclusions of the AGM, a consolidated scrutinizer’s report of the total votes cast in favour or against, if any and submit the same to the Chairman or a person authorized by him in writing, who shall countersign the same and declare the results of the voting forthwith.

h)    The Results declared along with the report of the Scrutinizer shall be placed on the website of the Company and on the website of LIIPL immediately after the declaration of result by the Chairman or a person authorized by him in writing. The results shall also be immediately forwarded to the Stock Exchanges whereat the securities of the Company are listed.

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