a) Composition of Board:

The Company’s policy is to maintain optimum combination of Executive and Non-Executive Directors. The Board of Directors of your Company comprises 5(five) members with 2 independent Non-Executive Directors who have been appointed for their professional expertise and experience that they possess.

The composition and category of Directors as on 31.03.2019 is as follows

S.No. Name of the Director Designation Category
 1. Mr. Chander Mohan Marwah Managing Director  Promoter
 2. Mr. Samir Katyal Director  Promoter
 3. Mr. Ambarish Chatterjee Director  Independent
 4. Mrs. Anu Marwah Director  Promoter
 5. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sareen Director  Independent


Mr. Chander Mohan Marwah and Mrs. Anu Marwah are related to each other as husband and wife.
Mr. Samir Katyal is related to Mr. Chander Mohan Marwah and Mrs. Anu Marwah as brother in law and brother, respectively.

None of the other directors are related to any other directors on the Board.


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